Rapunzels Pregnancy

Rapunzel's Pregnancy is yet another fantastic game belonging to the Tangled Games category on our website, where we are always doing our utmost best to offer you as many interesting and diverse games with Rapunzel, since we know that she is one of the most beloved Disney Princesses in the entire world, so it is only natural that you would want to play as many games featuring her as possible. With this latest one, our beloved princess is pregnant, and to make sure the baby arrives safely, you will play this game, and we are now going to teach you what you do in it, so pay attention! You are going to take care of Rapunzel when she is 3 months in, then in six months, and then when it is her delivery day. For all of these stages, simply follow the instructions that Flynn is going to give you on-screen, clicking where you are shown, so that you do each task correctly. There is a fourth and final stage to the game as well, one where you dress up the new mother and play with the child, as well as other interesting surprises which we are letting you discover by yourself. Start the game right now, and have lots, and lots of fun!
Use the mouse
November 14, 2021
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