Ben 10 Escape Route

Play BEN 10 Escape Route game and join Ben 10 in a new mission. This time, you need to assist the hero while he's trying to make his way out of the building he is stuck in. Let's see what you can do. Ben 10 got in trouble, and now he cannot get out of a building, and go back to his grandfather. The worst part is that if he wants to get out, he needs to build his route because there is no other way of escaping. It appears that our hero cannot do this alone, despite his superpowers. You can be the only hope he has to see his family again. Would you lend him a helping hand? More HTML5 games at
Your mission in this game is to make laser routes for ben 10 towards exit gate The level is completed only when Ben reaches safely to the exit gate Thus try to build the best route for your hostage friend
November 14, 2021
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