Ball Picker 3D

In Ball Picker 3D, it's time to collect all the balls! Featuring addictive gameplay and dozens of levels, are you ready to score points in this fun 3D game? Balls may be round and can scatter around, but with you on the job, none can escape from you! So many balls to collect and so many levels to complete, this game might look challenging at first, but we're sure you'll have lots of fun. The objective of this game is to collect and deposit the target number of balls to the bin at the end of each level to pass. You can also find more games at, pick up one and have fun!
You can use your mouse to play this game so click on the play button on the main menu to start the game You control a U-shaped metal in this game Click on the screen and drag your mouse left and right to move it
November 14, 2021
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