Angela Twins Family Day

Angela Twins Family Day is a cute game for all the kids who love Talking Friends, for all the kids who love babies. Here you have the chance to help Angela take care of her twins because she can not handle the stress. You need the mouse to interact with the babies and with all the things from the room in this game in order to complete your goal. Angela is on the sofa with the babies and your goal in the first place is to pick up all the things that are thrown in the room and to put them in their place. You have to arrange the toys in a special box, you have to put the clothes in the closet and to throw the garbage in the trash. Angela is there and she will tell you what to do step by step. If you follow her indications I am sure you can make a great job in this game. It is not simple at all to take care of the twins this game, because it is a challenging game and you need a lot of work to do, but i am sure if you are careful you will be able to accomplish your goal. SAve the final image with Angela, Tom and their twins if you like how this family looks. You can feed the babies and you can play with them in this amazing game with Talking Angela and Talking Tom.
November 14, 2021
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